The Varieties


The microclimate and soil of the region indicated the suitable indigenous varieties to be planted, the ones already existing in Cyclades since antiquity, capable of incorporating into their flavours, aromas and colors, the schizophrenic harmony of human existence on this Cycladic island. There are two flagship varieties in the domain.

Assyrtiko: It is a grape of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, probably, of Santorini. This is the great grape variety of Greece, present in many Greek vineyards. This white-skinned grape reveals a crystalline character with iodized components and aromatic notes of flowers and citrus. It is a grape variety resistant to drought thanks to its deep rooting. It has a great capacity of adaptation and perfectly translates the nuances of the terroirs.

Mavrotragano: "Mavro" means black in Greek and "Tragano" crispy. This grape variety - historically used with Athiri and Assyrtiko, left to sundry after harvest, to produce the "vinsanto", the "Vino di Santorini" - is very rich and very colorful. It is also very sensitive to its terroir and its richness is balanced by the altitude and the expression of the soil on which it is implanted.