The Parcels

The various parcels of the 13-hectare of the privately-owned vineyard are located at an altitude of 450m asl and have a high planting density of 11.500 vines per hectare. Vines are pruned in Goblet standing in wooden posts. A careful Massal selection has been performed aiming to select the most qualitative vines. The work in respect of the soils has indicated a deep rooting.


The altitude and the wind ensure a moderate temperature even at the hottest hours of the summer. Three zones were chosen to create the vineyard of T-OINOS which are cultivated organically:


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A plateau located at 460m of altitude: the ideal place for Assyrtiko on a soil consisting of granite on the underground and sand on the surface.


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The vineyard "Rasonas" called "the terraces", is located further down, in a small valley, facing East on clay schist soils. This is where the Mavrotragano grape produces the Clos Stegasta red wine.


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The vineyard Agios Dimitrios located near the village of Falatados is comprised of about thirty terraces on 100m of elevation. The soil is schist and sandier and the exposure to the sun is higher. Mavrotragano vines are planted producing fine reds.