The creation


The grapes are harvested in September in 2 or 3 successive passages at the time of the optimal maturity. Hand picking and sorting in practiced. Whole berries with whole bunches in varying proportions are introduced gently and manually inside the vats for the red wines. The extractions are soft respecting the fruit aromas while punch downs are primarily used. Vinification takes place in wooden vats on the Burgundy style.

Therefore, the red wines are aged between 14 to 18 months in 500lt bottles with the minimum manipulation possible. White wines are pressed in whole bunches without being clarified. The wines are vinified and then aged in 500l large wooden barrels and in amphora. During aging, they are in contact with their fine lees until bottling. A work of identification and selection of the yeasts present on the parcels was carried out to obtain the most accurate reflection if this unique insular environment.