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Jan 2020

The Buyer – Justin Keay’s top 10 best wines for 2019

We read at The Buyer:

“One of the highlights of the year at The Buyer was posting several pieces by Justin Keay that always managed to ‘feel the temper of our times’ – forever weaving his disgust at Britain’s political malaise into features about British Wine, which he had just started taking seriously and, well almost every other wine he was tasting! No surprise, then, to see one English wine here in his top 10 wines of the year plus, as you would expect of Justin, a fascinating mix of wines from Greece, Portugal, Austria and Virginia. And no, that wouldn’t be a wine from Mr Trump.”

Among his top 10 wines was Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko Rare 2018. Here are his comments:

“I was lucky to pay a flying visit to T_Oinos to taste the wines made by the Greek-French team made in the dramatically rocky vineyards there, and imported here by Berkmann. The wines are small volume, expensive but excellent. They include some delicious small volume Mavrotragano, but my vote for wine four goes to the mineral Clos Stegasta Rare Assyrtiko 2018, Stephane Derencourt’s remarkable take on the variety. Made from the best grapes, this delivers at so many levels, and will evolve wonderfully with age (or it would if there were enough of it to hold back).”