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Jul 2022

T-OINOS joins OENO’s Exclusive Portfolio in UK

T-OINOS and OENO Group announced recently in London the new collaboration between the two companies. OENO is appointed as the exclusive importer and distributor for T-OINOS wines in the UK market following its constant search for excellence within the world of fine wine.

Justin Knock MW, wine director at OENO has described T-OINOS wines as, “sensational wines from a vineyard at the end of the universe. Maybe this is where the multiverse begins. Even so, they take Greek wine onto another plane entirely. Darwin couldn’t find a sterner test for survival on Earth for the humble vine. These 13ha densely planted like 130,000 Emperor penguins huddled in co-comfort, battle a merciless foe all year round. The Assyrtiko from here is a honed blade but more stiletto than Santorini’s scimitar. Clos Stegasta Rare from magnum is still razor sharp after 3-4 years, I think it will take a lot of time to weaken its edge. It’s like another variety, almost unrecognisable from its cousins. A gardener hunched over dark Earth, trowelling violets and licorice over both shoulders, tannins like schist wrapped in bitter chocolate.

Effi Tsournava DipWSET, Head of Marketing at OENO commented “this exciting new partnership has a very special place in my heart. Over the last eleven years working in London, I have been striving to bring together UK importers and Greek winemakers. It always gave me huge joy  and sense of  patriotic pride to see my home-country’s wines imported with such enthusiasm to the UK. T-Oinos is the embodiment of cosmic purity, grecian elegance and mystical energy; a concept that allows the soil’s power to travel vertically through the vine and reshape itself into liquid form to ultimately claim its spot among the world’s finest wines. Being personally involved in the T-Oinos voyage in the fascinating UK market, starts a new chapter in my professional journey and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Thanos Georgilas, T-OINOS Head Oenologist said, “our vision of creating exceptional wines of a rare, intense energy and purity out of the arid, granitic terroir in Falatados, on the island of Tinos, finds full support in our collaboration with Oeno Group. The combination of their quest for innovation and our philosophy of perfection in viticulture and winemaking will best serve their prestigious clientele.

The first events after the announcement were addressed to selected trade and press professionals and were held at Oeno House, London’s premier fine wine boutique and alfresco wine bar a welcoming and intimate space dedicated to experiencing the world’s finest wines.