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Dec 2018

MONSIEUR – Exceptional Wines for an Unforgettable Dinner

Clos Stegasta, Cuvee Rare 2017 is an “Exceptional Wine for an Unforgettable Dinner” according to Monsieur Magazine the first ever published magazine for men in the world dedicated to men’s lifestyle and elegance at his latest issue for December 2018.

“These wines chosen by “Plus que du vin” club are created in great terroirs with a unique know-how. They will delight your guests with sophisticated aromas, complex textures and exceptional after taste.

Clos Stegasta, Cuvee Rare 2017, T-Oinos, Mind Blowing!

About twenty minutes by boat from Mykonos, the island of Tinos has become the new eldorado of wine at the Cyclades. Clos Stegasta is a vineyard of 12 hectares at 460 m altitude on the island of the God Aeolus, planted on a marble vein terroir scattered with huge granite rocks. This wine with fine and precise nose aromas has a high concentration, as the Assyrtiko grape variety perfectly reveals its telluric terroir, the ideal landscape for a titans’ battle. This very fine white, with vibrating energy produced in only 2,000 bottles, brings to the nose the iodin of the sea and the hot stones of its granite terroir. Taste on the mouth is endless, both rich and slightly lemony. 80 €.
The perfect match: its ultimate pair will be roasted langoustines or coquilles Saint-Jacques freshly caught.
Absolutely mind blowing!”