News Press
Jun 2023

John Szabo MS visiting T-OINOS

We enjoyed a nice weekend with John Szabo MS, visiting vineyards, tasting wines, discussing viticulture, wine making, the world of wine, listening to his very insightful comments at T-OINOS and here is what he had to say about his experience:

“T-Oinos’s spectacular Clos Stegasta on Tinos Island, Cyclades, an artwork of granitic sands and massive granite boulders (protected by the state and can’t be removed, and thus beloved by tractor drivers). A stagasta (pictured) is a stone building used for midday vineyard breaks, storing grain, housing animals and occasionally pressing grapes. 10,000+ stake-trained vines/hectare, organically-farmed, mostly assyrtiko (white) and mavrotragano (red), make for the island’s, and some of Greece’s, most compelling wines. Beautifully austere, windswept, delectably (and detectably) saline, wild herb-flavoured, straight and pure, highly ageworthy, and utterly distinctive from Santorini’s excellent wines. A project born of deep passion and questionable economics, but the world is better for it. Local villagers have a reason to stay on the islands and be proud of their efforts; wine drinkers can be instantly transported to the island. Of all his projects worldwide, Bordelais consultant-partner Stéphane Derononcourt (with frontman Alexander Avatangelos, and Ducasse sommelier Gerard Margeon) plans to retire here. You’ll find these bottles on the best tables around the world. Pictured: oenologists on-the-ground Eleni and Thanos, and Eleni in communications.”