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Dec 2017

Janine Norguez’s article about a tasting of high-quality wines

Wines and cheeses: an exceptional alliance

The Plaimont winemakers invited thirty partners to share a tasting of high-quality wines at the Monastery of Marciac.

What’s more fascinating than listening to a veteran taster evoke the aromas he discovers in a glass of wine and share his sensations?

Jérôme presents this exceptional moment with the support of Olivier Bourdet-Pees, general manager of Plaimont.

The wines are commented by Philippe Faure-Brac, (best sommelier in the world). Wine is combined with the cheeses of Dominique Bouchait, (best worker of France).

Back from Cyclades, Philippe Faure-Brac talks about discovered wines, particular Greek wines that have delighted him, especially the T-Oinos of the island of Tinos.

He describes wine with passion and simplicity and believes that “music and wine, it’s the same emotion”.

Jean -Louis Guilhaumon recalls the quality relationship highlighted by these prestigious products and emphasizes the assets of the territory.

Dominique Bouchait presents the cheese platter chosen, with as much passion as for the wine, mixing his imaginative verve to the different origins of cheeses, the collection of milk and small producers, defining himself as “an artisan cheese maker”. He wonders if he should accompany them with white wine or red.

The association of cheese and wine has always been a wonderful moment.

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Source: www.ladepeche.fr