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Dec 2017

A great article of Francoise Spiekermeier about T-oinos

Cyclades: Wine and wind

Gérard Margeon, chef sommelier of the group Alain Ducasse, finds on the agricultural, wild and beaten by the winds island of Tinos, the utimate goal of his trip.

It all began during a tasting in Lyon in the early 90’s, when Gérard Margeon expressed his desire to go off the beaten track, by looking for the original wine, not in terms of taste, but in terms of history, going towards the taste of the future by going back in history.

That’s how he decides to accompany Alexandre Avatangelos in a crazy challenge: replant a vineyard on the island of the Greek god Eole, the god of the Wind, as it existed 3000 years ago on the volcanic land and recreate the first vineyard of the Aegean since ancient times.

The vineyard will be planted in the rock, at the top of the island, 400 meters above sea level, on a site classified as World Heritage by Unesco.

Gérard et Alexandre have waited about ten years in order to achieve the desired result. Gérard declares “For me, wine is not a fruit juice at all. Wine is the message of the soil,of a deep and vertical minerality via a communication vector called the vine! The message of the ecosystem has no taste! It is an energy that returns in the body, enters your veins and descends into your toes. It makes you crazy! That’s what you have to learn when you go to Tinos.”

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