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Jul 2021

Chefs Dinner and Visit

A week full of  🌟 with The Best Chef,  Thama Tinos, Jacob Jan Boerma 🇳🇱, Giorgio Diana 🇮🇹, Xavi Donnay 🇪🇸, Stefan Heilmann🇨🇭, Dimitris Katrivesis 🇬🇷, Przemysław Klima 🇵🇱, Ebbe Vollmer 🇸🇪, Miles Watson 🇳🇿 and their lovely families, journalists  Hernandez Florence, Thalia Tsichlakis, Nana Darioti, Andreas Androulidakis, Tasos Mitselis, our own Stephane Derenoncourt and the T-OINOS team visiting our vineyards, tasting our wines and us having the opportunity to enjoy the Chefs’ amazing dishes.